The Notary office

Notary Christodoulou Generations

The history of the notary office


The notary office has initially been founded by Catherine Andrikopoulou in 1957 with registered offices in Athens, at Apellou St. number 4.
As the second generation of notaries, Alkistis Andrikopoulou-Christodoulou, daughter of Aikaterini Andrikopoulou-Kalliri, joined the notary office in 1979.
As the third generation of notaries, from 2003 until today, the office has been succeeded by Alice Christodoulou, daughter of Alkistis Andrikopoulou-Christodoulou, continuing the family tradition.
In 1980 it was transferred to its current premises, at Sophocleous St. number 7-9, opposite to the former Athens Stock Exchange building.

The staffing of the notary office


The office is supported by three qualified assistants and the advisory assistance of the retired Notary Public Alkistis Andrikopoulou, whose more than 40 years of experience and knowledge contribute to the most efficient management of cases.


Notary assistants


Natalie Kousoulou
After 25 years of employment at the notary’s office and having gained valuable experience and knowledge, she manages and handles the most demanding cases, while coordinating the smooth operation of the office.

Anna Mavropoulou
As a French speaker and a graduate of a law school of a French university, she mainly deals with the French clientele of the office in notarial cases of sale and purchase, acceptance of inheritance, donation, etc.

Vasiliki Mavrogeni
With many years of experience as a secretary in law firms, she is involved in the processing of notarial cases of purchase and sale, acceptance of inheritance, donation, etc.

Αλίκη Χριστοδούλου, Συμβολαιογράφος

Current updates


The current conditions daily lead our office to adapting the value of the traditional experience into the modern practice with excellent technological, organizational and processing methods. We ensure the best response and approach through the most flexible and immediate actions.
Tradition is combined with the use of modern technology:
1. Data processing by applying special notarial programs installed in personal computers
2. Contact via e-mail and skype
3. Use of social media
4. New types of contracts and deeds, such as:
• Establishment of a company through the “One-Stop-Shop” (One Stop Service)
• Establishment of IKE (Private Company)
• Deeds of consent to assisted human reproduction
• Deeds of child recognition
• Deeds of recognition of an unborn child (nasciturus)
• Civil partnership acts
• Marriage contracts
• Divorces by mutual consent
• Termination of civil partnership acts
• Choice of type of funeral and cremation ceremony